Dispatch System

(Last Updated: 2008/01/21)

The dispatch system tracks the status of customer service calls in each stage, systems installed and customer service history. Also the customer equipment module tracks exactly what the customer has including serial numbers and warranty expiry dates.

A call is received in office and details entered in computer. When available a technician is chosen and the call is now flagged as dispatched. Once the call is completed the details of the call including hours and parts used are entered and the dispatch is now completed. Once the invoice has been produced it's totally finished.

The dispatch system is suitable for companies such as computer stores, electricians, plumbers or locksmiths.  Anyone who send out service personnel to work on site..

The only restriction on the demo system is that you can't access any customer with an internal ID number greater than 15. So you can add customers to the system but you can't enter any dispatches to the new customers.

Download dispatch.zip for Access 97 or Dispatch2000.zip for Access 2000.  (Dispatch 2000 will work fine in Access 2002.)

The software license fee is $275 for a single installation for multiple users.  Access is inherently network ready out of the box.  Once I've received payment by cheque I will email a small license key file allowing you to add as many customers as you want.  Thus the demo that you see is exactly what you will be using.

Additional logic planned not in current system.

The promotional email processing will be in a separate MDE or VB program as that requires OCXs to be installed on your system. It isn't part of the demo system

The system doesn't do invoicing however I will be more than happy to add that feature.

Division probably won't be required so I'll set it up so it defaults to the one and only division if only one division is setup in the system.

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